A civil servant loan for civil servants is available at top conditions. Civil servants can receive the loan if they have been employed for at least five years.

Only then will they be entitled to this special loan. With this great purchases can be made.

How it works

How it works

Anyone wishing to receive a civil servant loan for civil servants can get this from many banks. The loan is known for favorable terms. The loan can be taken either as a classic loan or as a life insurance loan.

Many opt for the classic version, which is not always an advantage. The customer has to decide for himself which variant he wants to choose. This is a comparison of the offers to get a precise overview. The application can be made at the house bank or a direct bank.

The comparison shows who has the best conditions. An application can be made online, which can lead to a credit decision within one to two days. The application is quick and easy.

The money will be transferred to the applicant’s account so that it is available for free.

Conditions of Civil Service Civil Service Employees

Conditions of Civil Service Civil Service Employees

Customers who opt for a civil servant loan for civil servants, get very good conditions. Applicants in the civil service have high job security.

This means that the credit default risk is very low. The income is secured, there is no need to fear unemployment. That alone is enough to give favorable terms. Applicants then have the right to choose a very long term. This can be up to 20 years, if the private credit bureau is fine. Who decides for the life insurance, will pay only the contributions of the insurance.

At the end of the term, the paid-in contributions are used to repay the loan. But even with a normal loan, the rates are very low. With the high sum many expensive purchases can be made. A rescheduling is possible with it.

If you have paid too much interest on an old loan in the past, you can repost it.

Umschuldden worth it

Umschuldden worth it

An official loan for civil servants can be used to reschedule an old loan or loan. Anyone who has financed a property a few years ago can benefit from the currently low interest rates.

Before the rescheduling is started, the prepayment fee should be observed. This is very often charged when a loan is redeemed early. This fee should not be too high, otherwise the interest savings will not work. Those who apply for the debt restructuring at the same bank as in the old loan can often waive the fee.

All debts are combined to one loan. Finally, there is a single civil servant loan for civil servants. The installments are arranged so that the applicant can pay them with the salary from his employment.

It then only has to be redeemed. The private credit bureau entries can be deleted.

Benefits for the applicant

Benefits for the applicant

Applicants have many benefits from a Civil Service Civil Service Civil Service loan. The loan offers favorable interest rates. Financing a property is very cheap.

The customer can choose between 12 and 20 years. Since the monthly installments are very low, the financial burden is very low. There is no need to specify a purpose for the loan. Thus, for example, a vehicle can be purchased without the vehicle letter must be submitted as security.

Old debts can be paid off, so that the private credit bureau can be improved. The loan amount can be up to 100,000 euros, so that a house or a property can be financed. An application can be made on the Internet.

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